About Us

Welcome to Darquefalar!

Who we are

With the principle of providing a serious and competent service in the area of communication, production and dissemination of content, we gathered a team of capable and experienced professionals, who are the heart and soul of the concept of darquefalar. With training in the areas of Media, Multimedia Design, Marketing, Engineering and Architecture, a single concept englobamos skills necessary for us to be the ideal partner to communicate at his side, from business idea to its implementation.

Our ideal: create, communicate, share.

What we propose

Given the current economic landscape, in a business world increasingly competitive, companies' success goes through well-defined concepts together with a communication strategy aims. You must know what, when, how, where and more importantly: who comunicar.O we propose is a partnership that will add value to your company by creating and implementing a communication strategy essential to achieving the targets.

What we offer

5 Departments whose synergies create the conditions to meet your company's success. Because for our team, the whole is more than the sum of its parts:

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